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tv   News 4 at 5  NBC  November 10, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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conclusion. dropped. the sex crge against ingmar guandique. dropped. one of the murder charges linked to that alleged sex offense. is as prosecutors rest their case in the chandra levy murder trial. 29-year-old ingmar guandique ill facing a kidnapping charge, a robbery charge, and two murder chges in this high profile case. the skeletalemains of the 24-year-old intern found in rock creek park back in may 2002, she had been missing for about a year. at the time, chandra disappeared, she was romantically linked to married california congressman gary coit. condit has repeatedly denied having anything to do with chandra's disappearance and when he w called to testify in this trial, he refused to talk about their relationship, saying, it
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was a private matter. on the stand today, an fbi dna expert. now, after chancera went missing 2001, her apartment was searched. a pair of her panties recovered will the expert giusti that he e paies. when chandra's remains were recovered in 2002, her underwear and tights sent to that fbi lab. no d found. allow, six years later, this woman who work for a private lab said she found some male dna on chandra's tights. dna that doesn't match guandique's, the prosecutors argued that touched dna came as a result of some contamination after the tights were removed
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from the park. now comes the defense. the defense says it plans to call an inmate to testify on behalf of guandique. that scheduled to take place here monday, via closed circuit television. >> quickly, had jurors been made aware of t charge or is that something that unfolds as the trial goes on? >> i think that will unfold when the jurorset the instructions at the end of the case. by the way, the judge expects this juror to be over though jury to begin deliberatin as early as next tuesday or wednesday next week. so that will come when they get the instructions from the judge on what charges they should consider. >> things moving fast down there at d.c. superior court. pat collins, thank you. >> there's news inast month's cargo bomb scare. >> 98 london, police release ad critical detail about the u.s. bound bomb they found in a
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british airrt. nbc news, pete williams joins us now. so what are investigators saying about this now? the threat? >> well, the key to this was finding out what the timer was set for in the package bomb that was intercepted in the united kingdom. we knew it was circuits a cell phone. the british authorities are now saying, they're the ones analyzing this. if this bomb had not been detected and if it had gone on the plane that it was december continued to get on. and if that plane had left on time, the bomb would have gone off somewhere over northern cada. somewhere north of montreal. at about 5:30 eastern time. about six hours after they actually, the plane was due to leave the united kingdom. what does this mean in the big picture? it doesn't change the overall assumption of the u.s. from e beginning which is that the terrorists intended these bombs to go off on board planes, not to be delivered chicago based
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onhe sttings of the timer. but of course, there are a lot of unknowns here. there is no way to say that the terrorists must ha known that's where the planes would have been. e planes take different routes, frafl. we looked at the track of the route of the plane that day and it was way north of monday ral at 5:30 in the morning whenthe authorities say the timer was set for. but every day these planes take different routes and no one can be certain what plane, what cargo plane their package would be shipped on. so you can't really say too much about what to expect, other than to say this does seem consistent with the idea it was intended to go off on plans. >> other than they were hoping to get lucky. at 30,000 feet which i'm assuming that plane would be flying at, what kind of damage would that have done on the ground if it had indeed blown up? >> i think one of the questions would have been, where were the packages put on the planes? you know, generally they use pallets of these to put the cargo in. you have to assume it would be somewhat contained. then it depends on whethert is
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in the middle of the plane surrounded by a lot of other cargo or whether it at the edge of the plane. whether it would have brought the plane down. the british authorities say it had the capacity to bring the plane down but there are a lot of ifs that would have made that happen. >> more informing. thank you. i you could take another, it could take another 24 hours before 4,500 passengers and staff on board that powerless carnival cruiseship reach their port of san diego. the splendor ship went dark on monday ter an engine room fire and passenger were one day into a seven-day journey of the mexico an riviera. they say it is stuffy. the bathroom are backed up. the food is running out. the u.s. military helicopters are responding to the call for help by shuttling more, over thousands of pounds of food and sulies to that ship. five prince george's county firefighters are recovering after balancing a blaze in clinton. chopper 4 flew over the home.
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it was engulfed when the crews arrived. nearly three dozen firefighters had to be called in to help. four sustained mir burns. one injured his leg. the house, we're told, was vacant, frequented by homeless people. no word on the cause. >> a maryland state audit uncovered some troubling errors at the motor vehicle administration. there were reports indicating that more than 1,300 drivers may have a revoked license and not even know it. news4's chris gordon has the latest n from a maryland truck stop along 95. chris? good evening. eay reports in a newspaper and over the radio seemed to indicate that at least 1,300 drivers of tractor-trailers may be operating with license that's were suspended or revoked. this afteron the nba tells us, those reports may have been based on a misunderstanding. there are more than 4 million licensed drivers in maryland.
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of those, 170,000 car commercial licenses to drive trucks and big rigs. during a recent audit, the maryland nba had a computer software problem that apparently failed to identify commercial licenses that should have been suspended or revoked because of points that were not properly recorded on the licenses. the administrator sat down with us to clarify the situation. >> there was only 139 active cases identified through the routine audit by the offices. all 139 cases have been addressed and the appropriate revocation or suspension letters have gone out. >> reporter:hey then voluntarily went further, viewing more than more than 1300 cases. >> we've started reviewing all 1356 cases that may have been impacted. once gerng i'm not sure where we are fr the sandpoint of the
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review process. we envision completing this process by early next year. >> what do you think of the fact they have to check 1,300 licenses to see if any are suended or revoked? >> somewhat appalling. i would like to think they would be on top of that. >> as long as they action on it in a reasonable amount of time, you know, what else could they do? there will be computer problems everywhere. >> reporter: speaking of computers, some of the reports today questioned how secure they keep the confidential information we all get to it. i'll have that part of the story coming up at 6:30. we're reporting live tonight from the truck weigh-in station aloni-95 in pnce george's county. back to you in the studio. >> we'll see you then. last week's meo escalator malsfungs causing a ne problem for the subway system. the "washington post" reports, a quarter of the red line escalators were out during this morning's rush hour.
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that's more than twice the usual number. part of the trouble comes from escalators closed for inspect. they follow thencident at the l'enfant plaza metro where th he is claltor brakes failed and the stairway went into an 18-second free fall that injured several people. apparently working for the federal government can be quite loura i have the. now republicans as a result are calling for a federal freeze on hiring and salary. the usa todayeported more than 82,000 federal employees are earning more than $152,000 a year or more. that's more than double the number who earned that much two years ago. ten times more than the number of federal work here's earned that much in 05. the washington convention center has been open since 2003. now after years of controversy and infighting, the city is breaking ground for a companion headquarters hotel. at ninth and massachusetts avenue, this hotel is expected
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to dramatically boost business and bring in many jobs. tom sherwood joins with us the details. >> this new hole will provide thousands of new jobs and it will help the city compete for convention business. the music came from a united house of prayer for all people. and it seemed like all the important people were there wednesday as the distri finally after more than a decade of talking and fighting about it -- broke ground for 1,100 room convention center headquarters hotel. it will go up adjacent to the new convention center that opened in 0 they. the headquarters hotel had been discussed since the early 1980s. >> i can't tell you how pleased i am after 19 years to be here. 19 years. >> is there anyone here who is excited that this day has
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finally come? >> reporter: the $520 million hole about, half of which is being paid for by the district, will be run by the world wide but home grown marriott corporation. that got its start in the city in the 1920s. >> thank you for making our dream in washinon a great reality. >> reporter: the veteran city leaders stay headquarters hole has been a missi piece of an economic puzzle to draw more and bigger conventions. competing both world wide and with the washington suburbs. >> this convention will be first of all the marquis for the marriott corporation. and second of all, we're going to get many more conventions because we wilbe as competitive as any other city and more competitive than most. >> it will ceate jobs for people to build this hole. we have to make sure those jobs go to people who live in the district of columbia. then in the long return, there will be thousands, maybe 200 permanent jobs associated with that. >> mayor elect gray and other leaders want those new jobs to go to district citizens.
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moreon that coming up at 6:00. back to you. >> tom sherwood, thank you. to the weather, temperature back in the 60s. will. >>oug kammerer didn't have a thing to do today. >> nah, it continue to beairly boring right through the end of the week and the weekend. that's good news for you. just beautiful all across the area. men of sunshine. a nice evening. the temperature, currently 61 degrees. winds out of the north, northwest, 13 miles an hour. out toward the herndon area, 61. manassas around 57. and quantico at 59 degrees. nice weather continuing over the next couple of days. how long was this great streak last? it will come to an end. my full forecast coming up. >> thank you. when we come back, it is a crime that has baffled friends and family for wee the reward fund is growing as investigators try to figure out who would want this virginia businessman dead. the government is rolling
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out a bold new campaign to get people to kick the cigarette habit. and a mystery in mid air. it wasn't a missile. what was it? the pentagon weighs in n
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some may have a revoked license and not know it. a disturbing develop many in the cargo bomb plot that was foiled last month. scotland yard says if theomb found in the u.k. had detonated at the time it was set, it would have exploded in the skies over our east coast. the british officials found the bomb and disarmed it. doug joins us now. and wow, another day. we'ron a roll here. >> we're on a roll. that roll will continue right through the end of the week and into the weekend. if you have plans or you've been waiting for somegreat weather, take advantage of it now. it is beautiful out there. you can see from this picture, not a cloud in the sky. we saw nothing but sunshine and the high temperare in the low
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to mid 60s across the region. the winds were still a little breezy. upwards of 10 to 20 miles a hour. 61 degrees, the current temperature out there. the winds out of the north northwest at 13 miles an hour. a fantastic evening. here's what's happening. this is the large scale pattern. a very, very deeptrough that is just off the coastline and a very amplified pattern. a huge ridge of high pressure over the great lakes and then that tugh tow atlantic. that's where that area of low pressure is. boston still dealing with some crummy weather. there 35 to 40-mile-an-hour winds. some rain today. for us, we're in the mix between the high and the low. the high pressure winning out with all of that sunshine and nice temperatur. we will stay very, very nice. that area of low pressure, high pressure diving in for the day on friday, saturday, sunday. looking very, very nice before
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we see a pretty big pattern shift into next week. mostly clear, a great night to take dog for a walk. five to ten miles an hour. tomorrow morning, a great morning. get up for a jog. no excuses. cool but nice. temperature in the 30s to a 44-degree mark as we move through the afternoon o your thursday. and veterans day, mostly sunny. another great day. a bit brey. the winds only 10 to 15 miles an hour. maybe upo 20 but that's not all that bad. look at friday. a fantastic friday. a super saturday and a grea sunday as well. highs in the low to middle 60s. maybe even the upper 60s. it doesn't get much better than that in the middle portion. the washington area is tops when it come to overall well being. according to a new survey that compared life expectancy, education and incomes across the
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country. the report says d.c. scored high in education. 47% of washingtonians have at least a bachelor's degree. it is the most affluent in theuous a median house hole income of $85,000. anresidents in the maryland and virgin suburbs have the longest life expectancy come fired other states. no one should have to go thank you cancer diagnosis alone. >> but for some we will dealing with breast cancer thark filing support and companionship while they do some pret tough exerse. spinning. >> it is a tough workout. this is a class just for breast cancer patient and survivors. a way to find strength both physically and emotionally. >> i actually believe that having done this training for all the time before i was diagnosed probably saved my life. >> reporter: mary doesn't look sick. in fact, the 55-year-old spin instructor is probably in better
5:20 pm
shape than most people in this city. but what her enthusiasm for spinning hides is her year-long battle with breast cancer. >> that was pretty brutal, to say the least. >> reporter: a year ago, mary was diagnosed with stage three advanced breast cancer shelf underwent a mastectomy in her right breast. six chemotherapy treatments and 30adiation sessions. throughout that entire journey, she never gave spinning. now she has turned around that passion to help others going through the same thing. >> as i've been going through this, i've had the masses come to my rescue and help me. so i just want to give ba. >> she is now teaching a spin class at washington sports club, exclusively for breast cancer patients and survivors shelf believes doing all that sweating can help women recover more quickly. >> the doctors said, one of the biggest probms is that women stop exercising. and it make it much more
5:21 pm
difficult for them to get on with what they need get to get healthy. >> women like mary ellen who was diagnosed with stage one breast cancer last spring. >> it makes me fl a lot better about myself and it got me out of the dumps. >> reporter: linda is a 15-year survivor who habeen spinning for ten years. >> kind of a bond, a sisterhood between people that have breast cancer. they love it. it makes them eel. good they have somebody to talk to. who else will come in and say, i have a sock in my bra. so it is a support group. we'rdoing something actively to get better, be healthy and stay healthy. >> a challenging class. those classes are at washington's sports club in dupont circle on tuesdays and fridays at 8:00 a.m. the classes are free for breast cancer patients, even if they're not members of the gym. jim, wendy?
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>> a great program. still ahead, the thirsty turtle won't be serving alcohol anymore. this popular college park bar decided to forfeit its liquor license. deal or no zmedeal? there's something you have to watch out for. a new twist on the holiday classic. artists are using ice to bring
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the pentagon weighs in on the mysterious light beam in california. and too close to a tower implosion. and a bra is helping touristset around. all stories that make you say -- >> whoa! very good. >> thank you. >> dangerous though, wendy. >> the mystery streaks across the skies over l.a. may have been a plane, it turns out. video from a news helicopter shows it on mond. it left a large vapor trail. the pentagon says it was likely caused by an aircraft. others believe it could be a missile but no one ally know for sure. workers in ohio were trying to implode an old tower when it didn't work out the waythey'd hoped. you're not supposed to go that way wi you're supposed to go the other way. the tower fell in the wrong
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direct. it knocked down power lines. put 4,000 people in the dark. but no injuries. and a japanese lingerie maker has created a bra they hope will show case the country's tourist attractions. it is called the welcome to japan bra and it come with items to help guide visitors. >> does it come with a woman inside it? >> no. i don't think she is included. there is a button on it featuring recorded voices that speak in several languages and an accompanying skirt that turns into a map of japan with magnets of a hot spring lantern in mount fuji. this is just what we need for the nation's capital. >> then we have to find out who is going to wear it, you or your husband. those whacky japanese. coming up next, a new study finds a sharp increase in the number of children diagnosed with adhd. corpses, cancer patients and
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diseased lungs. how the government plans to us those graphic images to hp curb smoking. and more than a month since a wealthy business owner was killed in his home. how police are hoping a new $20,000 reward will hey ove, i'm gonna need a bank. any ideas? capital one bank. they're everywhere. yeah, you're right! ♪ [ male announcer ] capital one banks are everywhere. [ clang! ] with hundreds of branches and atms, they're hard to miss. hey, there's one right up the street. [ male announcer ] capital one bank the most branches and atms in the dc area. what's in your wallet?
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ove, go long!
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the reward for an arrest in the murder of a wealthy fairfax business owner has grown to $21,000. the victim was killed in his home in october. john schriffen has more details on how this case has developed and where the new reward is coming fr. >> reporter: for the first time the victim's wife allowed inside her home today the same place her husband quau killed more than a month ago. she was still visibly shaken, too distraught to go on camera with you she wants to make sure the story is told so her husband's killer is found. on okay 7th, around 4:00 p.m., the victim's wife said she had just returned home from going grocery shopping. after entering her spacious million-dollar manon, she made a gruesome discovery. her husband, 61-year-old jung had been kill. >> we're not giving out much informing on that. we do know the victim died.
5:31 pm
reporter: he was wl known in the local korean-american community and his wife said he was a hard worker, a successful businessman, he owned dr. wash, a car wash in chantilly, as well as two other car wash locations in georgia. what surprises the victim's wife most about this murder, whoever did this did not take his wallet or anything from inside the house. only his 2002 gold lexus suv that police found four days later, about ten mile away from the murder scene. >> i'm not sure. if there was evidence recovered from the car or if anyone saw people inside the car or around the car, that can be very crucial to our investigation. >> reporter: with the killer still on the loose, in addition to the $1,000 reward offered by police, the vicm's family is nooffering an additional $20,000 r anyone with information leading to an arrest and convict. >> hopefully it might encourage someone who has fear of coming forward that will encourage them to come forward. $20,000 is a lot of money.
5:32 pm
money helps sometimes. and like i said, crime solvers is completely anonymous. you don't have to give your name. if it leads to the, a you will get the money. >> the victim's wife said if $20,000 is not enough t convince someone to come forward, she is willing to pay whatever it takes. even if she has to sell her house. as we left the former crime scene, she wanted to us convey this message to the public. she said, please don't forget us. jim, wendy, back to you. >> john schriffen, thank you. police in montgomery county are holing a meeting with neighbors of the murdered american university professor sue marcum. she was found strangled in her home last month. police say it was a burglary had had gone bad. an 18-year-old district man is charged with stealing her car but so far, no other charges have been filed. tonight police are meeting with her neighbors in the wake of the security of that death. that meeting begins at 7:00 tonight in bethesda. the thirsty turtle is no
5:33 pm
longer serving alcohol. the popular college park bar voluntarily surrendered its liquor license. earlier this month, leaders in prce george's county reked that license and were set to revisit the issue tonight. the thirsty turtle has been under fire after a fight and a stabbing near the bar. it involves students who police say were under age and had been served alcohol. the government is rolling out a graphic new caaign aimed at getting smokers to kick the habit. take a look at these images. they could soon be on cigarette packages across the country. in 2012, all cigarette bes will have warnings displayed on 50% of the front and back. some critics say it is not the government's role to make smokers quit. with tobacco related diseases claiming about 1,200 american lives a year, health officials say a little shock may be what the doctor ordered. there is a deep freeze going to across the potomac. they bring back the holiday
5:34 pm
attraction. ice. this year's theme, how the grinch stole christmas. for the past four week, chinese ice sculptors have been creating a frozen whoville. jane watrel joins with us more. >> reporter: the exhibit opens next weekend. it is impressive. 40 sculors were brought in from china to hand cash colorful theme featuring the mean, green grinch. >> reporter: the chinese artisan put the finishing touches on the frozen world of the grinch. the cassic dr. seuss christmas tale is the classic for this year's ice attraction. >> it is a story people people already know and loveromtheir childhoodful we are bringing it to life this year in ice. you can walk through the pages of the story book. we're so excited. when people come, they are going to be amazed. >> reporter: there's whoville and the grinch as he first steals criminal.
5:35 pm
later he has a change of heart. 5,000 block of ice have been transformed by dozens of trained sculptors like this one who came from china to create whoville. he spent 12 years training. >> he learned art in school. and then as you know, it is a cold city and they have a lot of ice there so it gave him a chance to learn icecarving. >> reporter: keeping the ice at the oper temperature is tricky. the 15,000 square foot extent kept at a brick 9 degrees. everyone is asked to dress rmly no matter what the outside temperature. chinese sculptors have be working in tse frosty conditions for the past month. the exhibit has been in the planning stages for a 84. >> they follow the architectural plans. what peoe don't realize, these sculptures are hand cached. they don't draw on the ice. they will look at the plan and
5:36 pm
they will brg it to life in ice. that's wha make it a true arrest form. >> reporter: in addition to the ice exhibit, there will be an ice skating rink and dr. seuss art exhibit for visitors. they expect to it break attendance records set last year at 200,000 peel. it opens next week on the 18th. >> it was impressive last year. >> it is incredible. here we are feeling it in the 60s. >> you have to wear a coat to go in there. it's chilly. coming up, they're king over home, hotels and tourist attractions. now local health officials will be offering their insight and answering your questions to get the upper hand on those bed bugs. before cashing in on those online coupons, consider this. the one thing you need to do to get the most bang for yo buck. when i see people trying to sell and old camry, it
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> there was big a gathering with scores of people looking at the issue of adoption. >> reporter: hundreds of people turned out for the third annual adoption expo here in
5:40 pm
washington. >> i had heard about the event from my sister who followed it on nbc. >> reporter: gtchen came all the way from the dover, delawa area. she came with her dad who lives in this area. she said she her andusband had been hoping to adopt. >> i saw there were at lot of organizations coming. it was a good place to gather a lot of information all at once. >> reporter: that's the very reason it was conceived by the folk at the freddy mac foundation. >> you get all the questions answered. find out what the process is and most importantly, who are the children available and need an adoptive home? >> reporter: there were ose like me who came to talk about the wonderful possibilities about adopting children in foster care. 12-year-old brianna was here with her mom carol pratt who adopted two children from foster care.
5:41 pm
they came to share their success story i know what other families. >> my husband and i adopted two lile girl two 1/2 years from foster care. >> reporter: for a wednesday child, he was here with his family. >> my parents -- >> reporter: are you at home now for good? and happy? >> yes. >> reporter: finding home for children. and children for families who want them. is the reason for the expo. >> we are committed to helping children thrive and helping children in foster care find permanent supportive loving families. >> hoping to strt a family? quite some time. probably about four years. >> reporter: grehen hannah said she hopes one day she and her husband will be among those coming back with children to share the adoption experience. a story with a happy ending.
5:42 pm
barbara harrison, news4, for wednesday's child. >> i would love to see that. if you have room in your home and your heart and you want to adopt, please call our internal adoption hotline 2 adopt me or go to >> it is good to see how much they've grown up since we first saw them. coming up, bargain hunters beware. this website offers online coupons but there is something else to consider. in sports, what do the redskins keep in their lockers at the park?
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he was a successful and respected businessman and this case remains a mtery. nothing was taken from the victim except his lexus. the reward was up to $20,000 for information leading to an arrest. the thirsty turtle in college park voluntily surrendered its liquor license today. it had been under fire after a fight and stabbing near the bar involving students + say were under ag and served alcohol. the government is going graphic with a new approach to kick the habit to get pem to stop smoking. these images may soon roll out on cigarette packs nationwide. those behind the campaign say we need to get explicit and remind beam the dangers of smoking. citizen you can say it is not the government's role to do that.
5:46 pm
>> reporter: interesting. to get a little insight, when the redskins open their locker room doors to the media each day, it usuallytures into about 45 minutes of dashing back and forth to get insight on various football topics from players thaes co in and out of the room. if you really want to know the personality of your players, you might want to see what they hold inside their locker. it is up for debate. you could say the offensive lis plen the messiest of the bunch. >> they've been asking me, why don't we see your locker? i decided to see my locker. hey, casey, may we see your locker, please? >> yeah, yeah. come on in. first and foremost, start with my kids, my pride and joy. this was a picture i took this summer at our lake house in wisconsin. i have to show these. these were before the addition. th is my beautiful wife
5:47 pm
nicole. i'm a big hat guy. i love hats. i like the brewers but this hat kind of its. i love the color blue. i try to stay away from my wife. she tries to clean it up because she thinks it is nasty. i d a kid from back home make these up for me. it is the official redskins sticker. he made me a couple dozen of them and i've been handing them to friends and family. my first official locker room redskins robe. i wear it back and forth to the shower. and keep everything covered up. it works good. real good. obviously, i have a lot of cool stuff. it means a lot to e. see you next time. we'll go see my boy and see if we can see his locker. may i see your locker? >> well, yeah. my locker is real junky. haven't moved from this spot
5:48 pm
since got here four years from now. things have accumulated. i got my shorts, gloves, a couple braces here and there. just more braces and gloves and stuff. some secret powder, you know, every once in a while. you know. got a picture of my son here. i was making fun of him and he was doing that. he started doing it more. i like that picture. >> a messy guy, a simple guy. a great guy to have on the team. especially this we. we'll see you next time. >> we love him. he really helps us out. the numb one rule you is never look inside a player's localer unless you're invited. >> thank you very much. tonight on news4 at 11:00, the question is, what is it like to be the wife of the man who has arguably the most scrutinized
5:49 pm
job in the nation's capital? donavan mcnabb has been under tremendous scrutiny. especially since coach mike shanahan benched him in the final two minutes against the lions. meantime his wife roxy is a forceful she has gten very involved in the communicate with other redskins'wise like she did with donavan. the role of an nfl wife is one that requires a very level head. a lot of balance. if you get t caught up in it, it doesn't work out well. you can't get caught up in the fact of all the stuff going o >> roxy mcnabb is an extreme strong woman. she shares her thoughts about philadelphia as well as hers and donavan's thoughts about staying with the redskins. tonight on news4 at 11:00. >> that should be great. >> she's amazing. they have four kids and she runs ahousehold. she is an accomplished career woman as well.
5:50 pm
to hear her inside on dealing with certain things, it is really inspiring. >> cool. >> thanks. a growing number of people are turning to online coupon sites like group-ones to save money. but many are not reading the fine print and that's sparking a whole new online service. >> reporter: when it comes to bargain hunting, he gets his daily deal from >> i got the deal. >> reporter: the way it works is a certain number of people have to buy it before the deal is. on it is important to check the fine print and the rules for redeeming the coupon. that inspeak to posted online. >> it was a deal that said new customers only. if you have a daily deal, you won't use you can resell it. >> reporter: it an online marketplace with a growing number of people w buy dls and don't or can't use them. >> conservative estimates are
5:51 pm
20%. we've heard numbers as high as 40%. >> we chge no fee to list the deal. but if you sell your deal, you pay us 99 cents and 8% of the sale price. >> reporter: if you're happy with your grp deal, there is a new way to cash in. >> for today's deal, posted on my face book wall. >> as a consumer, you have a t of por in passing on brands. you should be rewarded for that. >> reporter: that's the idea behind push cart.m. offering deals if you post them on your facebook wall, tweet them or otherwise spread the word the modern way will >> you download your freeapps and then you have to give them access. then you search around for deal like here, at the hair salon on second avenue. the 60% highlights. then you come here. you scan the code on your phone. and boom. you've got a deal. so do your friends. >> reporter: agaou haveo give them per mission to peer
5:52 pm
into your network. >> i think it is up to an individual to protect tir own privacy. >> reporter: opting in to cash in on the online coupons. in manhattan, nes4, new york. there's no fee to list a deal but if yours is sole, you will have to pay them. clearing up cloudy glasses, viewers were frustrated with those glasses coming out of the dishwasher with the white cloudy film on them. tomorrow, suggestions. they say they have a fix. possible solutions to clear up the cloudy glasses. >> i got something that's working for me so i'll share that to u. >> called new glasses. >> new dishwasher. no clouds in the skies today. let get a final check on the weather. do you know what? my parents came up an i told them i had cloudy asses. my mother said white vinegar.
5:53 pm
what are you doing? so i want to hear what you're saying. >> as simple as that. >> that's what i've heard. we have to try it. as far as the temperature, they've reached the low to mid 60s. it was a gorgeous day. a great evening. look at that. 61 degrees right now. the winds out of t north northwest at 13 miles an hour. and 52 in frederick. the temperatures this time of year when drop fairly quickly. they're going to do that again overnight tonight. down to about a low of 44 inside the beltway. 62 for a high. 64 on friday. saturday and sunday. saturday is a great day. we will cool off with a chance of rain as we move to next week. that will be a big patte shift as we move into next week and the week after. >> all right. thank you. tonight, coming up, more violent protests in the streets of london today. tens of thousands of students angry about plan to triple the cost of the university education. we'll tell you more.
5:54 pm
elizabeth smart testified again today in the trial against the man accused of abducting her almost ten years ago. for the first time, she showed some emotion on the witness stand. and we'll tell you about a 13-year-old girl with a catch of a lifetime. all i can say is, it should have been me. that's a fish. >> wow! it looks li it is as big as her. >> if you're impressed -- >> thank you. coming up, a disorder that affects arly one in ten children in the united states. >> what refer say may be causing the increase in adhd cases.
5:55 pm
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5:57 pm
because of overwhelming demand, changes are coming to the damt of health's second bed bug smit. who knew there was a first? it is now planned for january 20th at the old city council chambers. a facility that will hold 200 people. twice e number originally anticipated. it is open to d.c. residents and organizations. it will feature experts with advice on preventing and ntrolling the pests. i don't like to see it on skin. experts aren't sure why the number are soaring but it appears more and mo children are being diagnosed with adhd. >> some think it is because of a growing awareness.
5:58 pm
>> reporter: about one out of every n kids has been labeled with ad according to the new report. researchers ask parents both in 2003 and 2007, if their kids ever received such a diagnosis. in that four-year span, adhd diagnoses jumped by 20%. >>here be aublic awareness of what it is and people are recognizing it. >> the doctor said it not that it more prevalent. it is that doctors, parents and teachers are getting better at identifying it even though some of the symptoms can mimic typical cild behavior. >> being disorganized, not listening when somebody is speaking. >> the report shows an increase in adhd diagnosis in teens and spanish children. it is again attributed to increased awareness. more than halfthe children were being treated with medication but were unsure how many
5:59 pm
received behavioral therapy. >> there are now so many children that don't have to experience the symptoms of adhd and have the problems that come from that. >> reporter:roblems with. when identified properly, have chance to be treated. business it fonews4 at 5:00. passengers aboard a crippled cruise ship are telling their stories. the pentagon says it knows what caused the vapor trail across the skies of southern california. >> a freeze on salaries have federal workers. we begin with some of the charges dropped in the chandra levy murder trial. good evening. >> here's the latest in the chandra levy murder case. in a surprise move, the prosecution drop one count of murder against the suspect, ingmar guandique. the prosecutors also


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